Brief introduction of Hengxian Shengcha Valley Scenic Spot


Hengxian Shengcha Valley, located on Shengshan Mountain, Fozi Village, Liantang Town in the central Hengxian County, is a national AAA scenic spot, four-star farmhouse resort and one of the country's 30 most beautiful tea gardens.

The scenic spot has such service facilities as visitor center, tea processing experience factory, shopping center, parking lot, business meeting room, characteristic wooden villa, camping area, basketball and balloon volleyball court, ecological fruit and vegetable picking garden, etc.

Visitors can participate in the study of manual tea processing, visit jasmine plantation and pluck jasmine to experience the unique charm of jasmine tea. Visitors can also pick vegetables and fruits in vegetable garden and orchard to experience the rural life. In addition, there are some service facilities for vacationing and recreation in the scenic spot such as recreation rooms, basketball court and fishing area. The hotel in the scenic spot can simultaneously receive 26 guests for accommodation and 200 visitors for dining, and provide 50 parking spots.

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