Daming Mountain Wangu Tea Garden Scenic Area


Daming Mountain Wangu Tea Garden Scenic Area, also known as Wangu Tea Farm, is the National AAA-level scenic spot and located inside Wangu Village, Mingliang Town, Shanglin County, Nanning city, and is subordinated to the Guangxi State Daming Mountain Farm.

Wangu Tea Garden Scenic Area includes the entrance service area, tea garden leisure area and health preservation resort, and has successively completed the constructions of tea farmer village, tea pavilion, tea culture gallery, ancient tea cultural garden and other scenic spots. The tourists can participate in various interactive programs, including tea picking, manual tea firing and tea tasting. It is a perfect place for those who want to explore the culture of Chinese tea and tea planting, and want to enjoy ecotourism sightseeing.

Travel Tips: Take bus to Shanglin Passenger Station, and then change the No. 9 Bus to the scenic area. Tourists can also drive along the Nanning-Shanglin secondary road to Wangu Village, and then drive to the scenic area according to the road signs.

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