Liangqing District develops cultural tourism highlighting ecological and natural folk culture


On important festivals, such as “San Yue San” Festival of Zhuang Nationality and Folk Culture and Tourism Festival of Liangqing District-- home to Liao Luo folk songs of Zhuang nationality, unique dances and performances of Liangqing District are staged on scenic spots. These performance and dances vivid reflect the charming mountains and rivers with local character, invigorating fresh vitality of ecological and natural folk culture.

Recently, in the scenic spot of Longfeng Valley in Nanxiao Town, you can see a picturesque scene-- rivers running by green mountains. Visitors, who embark on ecological folk-culture tour, would be greeted with ear-pleasing Liao Luo folk songs “Hey...” which give more vitality to the green mountains. Cooper drums ringing and echoing in mountains, the sound touches every visitor with ear-pleasing melodies, thus making them indulge in the charming surrounding.

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