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Nanning Green City Leisure Route: Qingxiu Mountain - Guangxi National Museum - Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden - Night Tour of Folk Song Lake - Brocade Banquet

Brocade Banquet

“Brocade Banquet” is a large-scale “everyday” cultural performance project, supported and promoted by the Nanning municipal Party committee and municipal government, which is directed by Mei Shuaiyuan, the famous contemporary tourism performance planner, the founder of Chinese live-action performance and "Impression · Liu Sanjie". The performance of “Brocade Banquet”, is themed with Guangxi Zhuang People’s customs including paddy field work, the homebound fisherwoman, marriage and so on demonstrated by Guangxi traditional folk song, dance, and original show, which fully reflects the characteristic of “singing everywhere” in Guangxi, the charm of lively dance and the friendly and colorful Zhang’s culture.

The global top team of live-action performance creates the peak work of indoor performance. The four chapters with gorgeous Guangxi customs "Appointment with South", "Landscape Beauty", "Brocade Wedding" and "Eternal Madrigal", gathering the beauty of illusive nature, grand nation and romantic and harmony human culture, presenting the most magnificent styles and pictures of Zhuang, Yao, Miao Dong, Maonan, Yi and other ethnic minorities of Guangxi. Let the world know Chinese from "Brocade Banquet" and let Chinese know about Guangxi from "Brocade Banquet".

The world-first transmissive holographic image brings visitors the all-around audio-visual enjoyment of glasses-free 3D technology. The remarkable music technology shows Guangxi’s "straightforward love to singing" and the must-visit night with characteristic of Zhuang---so to say, it is a pity for one who comes to Guangxi and fails to see the "Brocade Banquet".


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