Route of Beautiful South Pastoral Landscape


Route of Beautiful South Pastoral Landscape: International Water Sports Base - Locke Rose Manor - Zhongliang Village - Dragon Lake

Brief introduction of Dragon Lake

Dragon Lake Scenic Spot is an eco - tourism scenic spot featuring cultural themed experience, tourism and leisure vacation, Chinese herbal medicine planting, green agricultural planting and recreational health and fitness as main functions. The total investment is 1.1 billion yuan. The planning and construction includes two parts: Dragon Lake Tourism Area and Longmen Ecological Town. The total planned area is 2,340.1 hectares (including water area of 41.5 hectares). Among which, the planned area of scenic spot is 2,014.8 hectares and that of Longmen Ecological Town is 325.3 hectares. It has been listed as Xixiangtang Ecological Agriculture and Cultural Leisure Tourism Area.

The core products of Dragon Lake Scenic Area are themed with Guangxi ethnic culture performances and calligraphy and painting creation. The area features Cultural Expo Experience Projects including Guangxi culture forum, the Guangxi Literature and Art Performance, Stone Appreciation, Plants Appreciation, and Artwork Fair. The area mainly includes Guangxi ethnic Research Center, China-ASEAN Economic and Cultural Exchange Base, Creation and Exhibition Center of Guangxi Calligraphy and Painting Research Center, Qishiyinlin, Guangxi Painter Village, Creative Slope, Guangxi Art Museum, Guangxi Culture and Art Performance Center and Longmen Taoist Temple.


Ecological health resort is another key product of Dragon Lake Scenic Area. The scenic area has made full use of the rich forest resources based on the natural terrain condition, and developed and cultivated valuable medicinal plants, green and ecological organic tea gardens and vineyards. There are various eco - friendly and enjoyable facilities on the quiet and open water surface and along the riverbanks, thus to create a Nanning Brand Ecological Health Resort Base with beautiful landscape, ecological environment and complete reception facilities. Here, you can experience the traditional Chinese tea culture, wine culture, Taoist culture and ecological health culture integrating Guangxi National traditional Zhuang and Yao health care and forest featured cure. The main projects include Hot Springs Resort, Green Island Resort, Shanshui Tea House, wine Manor, Feifeng Mountain Nursing Home, Wenxin Lake Bay and Central Island.

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