Tour for Zhuang’s Charm


Tour for Zhuang’s Charm: Minge Lake - Anthropology Museum of Guangxi - Guangxi Ethnic Village - Yiling Rock scenic spot- Kangjialong Ecological Farm - Nature Park

Brief introduction of Guangxi Ethnic Village

Guangxi Ethnic Village, part of Anthropology Museum of Guangxi, is located at the southern foot of Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area in Nanning and on the bank of the beautiful Yongjiang River. The Village was built on the basis of the Open Exhibition Garden of Anthropology Museum of Guangxi. In the village, there are both the Hakka Enclosed Dwellings and the Zhuang Pile - Dwellings, which belong to the five major residential buildings types of China, but also the Dong Wind and Rain Bridge, which is in the list of state-level intangible cultural heritage. The architectural forms of all ethnic groups are various and distinctive.

Guangxi Ethnic Minority Village takes the lively display of the nations as its theme and its intangible cultural heritage as core content, focusing on building national architecture displays, ethnic songs and dances performances, ethnic skills demonstrations, ethnic dining experiences, national specialty exhibitions and research and development of ethnic culture industries. It is your best choice to experience the authentic national customs in Nanning, capital of Guangxi.

Children are always the center of the family. Guangxi Ethnic Minority Village offers colorful Parent-Child activities for both kids and parents. It helps to promote the relationship, communication and exchange between the kids and the parents through the fun brought by the activities.

Brief introduction of Nature Park

Nature Park is the private courtyard of Lu Rongting, the chief of the old Gui Military Group. It is located on the west side of Xianghuan Tun, Lingyuan Village, Chengxiang Town, which is in the western suburbs of Wuming County. The park covers an area of 42 mu and is peninsula-shaped as well as surrounded by water.

Nature Park is famous for old trees and rugged rocks. The atmosphere is peaceful and the climate is fresh. There are hundred - year old litchi trees along the riverside on the right, making an artistic forest. The stone desks and benches are set under the trees for the tourists to rest. There sits the Heguan Pavilion on the left riverside, which later changed to Xiuzhi Pavilion. You can enjoy the lotus and watch goldfish playing in the water. The Dongtian Pavilion stands above the rock and set off in green leaves, providing particularly beautiful scenery. After reaching the rock arches, you can enjoy the beauty of southern scenery.

Nature Park is the birthplace of the new Zhuang language (phonetic Zhuang language).

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