Trip for Beautiful Villages


Trip for Beautiful Villages: Beautiful South Rural Tourism Area - Ten Miles’ Flower Corridor Rural Tourism Area - Jinsui Agricultural Ecological Park

Introduction of Ten Miles’ Flower Corridor


In the Ten Miles’ Flower Corridor, Santang Town, Xingning District, the tourists can go fishing, have leisure, do sports, preserve health, as well as enjoy blooming flowers in different seasons, where the flower seedlings planted along the roads are beautiful as colorful ribbons. At the same time, the key eco-tourism projects in the Biwan Garden of Ten Miles’ Flower Corridor are also very popular. The garden is rich in rare camellia species, such as “King”- Big Helen, with the value of 700,000 yuan, “Queen“- The Forbidden City, with the value of 380,000 yuan, colorful Bella and pink Debbie.

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