Guangxi Demonstration Park for Modern Agricultural Science and Technology


Guangxi Demonstration Park for Modern Agricultural Science and Technology (GDPMAST) was established on the former experimental field of Guangxi Agricultural Vocation Technical College by Guangxi Agricultural Department in October 1998. The park is built and run by Guangxi Bagui Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. GDPMAST, starting its display in Nov. 2009 and opening to the public in 2001, is now a national AAAA-class scenic spots. The park is a comprehensive stage for modern agriculture display, the applying and spreading of new species, technologies and achievements, the training of agricultural science and technology, agricultural industrialization as well as tourist agriculture.

Various types of agricultural facilities are available for sightseeing and experiencing. Inside the park are some spots, like flower market, Chinese herbal medicine garden, edible fungus production field, rare animal hall, insect specimen hall, online marketing center for agricultural products, plants maze, agricultural science corridor, open-air vegetable picking area, children’s playground, barbecue area, and cultural museum for Zhuang ethnic group.

Travel Tips: GDPMAST is located on the Xiangsihudong Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning. To get there, you can take buses No. 207, 604, 96, 66, 222, 58, 605 and loop line No.1 and get off at the Xixiangtang Market. The park just is 800 meters away.

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