People's Park of Nanning


People's Park of Nanning founded in 1951 is the national AAAA tourist area and among the list of Guangxi's first batch of key parks. The park covers an area of 53.19 hectares, including 6 hectares of water area and 37.8 hectares of green land area.

There are many famous cultural scenic spots in the park such as revolutionary martyr monument, Zhenning fort, Memorial of Chair Mao’s Meeting with the People of All Ethnic Groups of Guangxi and shade-tolerate type botanical garden. Among them, the revolutionary martyr monument is the patriotism education base; within the Zhenning fort scenic area, there is a Nanning modern national defense history and culture exhibition hall.

The park is open for free, with convenient transportation, well-equipped facilities and the profound cultural connotation, which is an ideal place for family trip, experiencing culture, and learning with pleasure.

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