Nanning Camellia Chrysantha Park


Nanning Camellia Chrysantha Park is the first camellia park mainly planting camellia chrysantha, camellia japonica and other tea plants in the country. The park covers an area of 23.78 hectares, located in the Nanhuzhibin Scenic Spot, and completed construction and was open to public on December 1995. The park was regarded as the National AAA-level scenic spot by National Tourism Administration on September 2006, and received the titles including “Top 10 Civilized Scenic Spots of Nanning”, “Key Park in Guangxi” and “International Outstanding Camellia Park”.

Travel Tips: the park is located on No. 4 Gecun Road, Nanning, and can be reached by No. 206 Bus, No. 20 Bus, No. 220 Bus, No. 601 Bus, No. 603 Bus and No. 65 Bus. Please get off at Gecun Xinzu Crossroad Station.

Ticket: Free

Telephone: 0771-5874859 5860034

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