Nanning Shishan Park


Nanning Shishan Park is located in northeastern Nanning, connecting Kunlun Avenue in the south, nearing Yongwu Road in the west and facing Xianglin Road in the north. The park was open free to the public since May 1st, 2008 and received over one million visitors annually.

The total area of the park is 64.5 hectares (967 mu), of which the water surface area covers 6.5 hectares (98 mu), and is a comprehensive urban ecological park integrating leisure, entertainment, culture, science popularization and fitness.

Travel Tips: the park is located on No. 4 Yongwu Road, Nanning, and can be reached by No. 215 Bus, No. 22 Bus, No. 66 Bus, No. 81 Bus, No. 75 Bus, No. 705 Bus, No. 13 Bus, No. 601 Bus and No. 212 Bus.

Telephone: 0771-3927350

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