Yinlong Stud-Farm


Yinlong Stud-farm, located in the Beautiful South’s core scenic area with a total area of 100 mu at present, was built in January 2015, and completed with stables, barns and packways in February 2015. The second stage of the supporting facilities was completed in September 2015.

Yinlong Stud-farm mainly breeds thoroughbred (The first stage of the Stud-farm mainly breeds Mongolia horse, Xinjiang horse and Debao pony of Guangxi), supporting some entertainment projects such as horse race, sports competition and riding sightseeing. At present, the ring-shaped runway is 400 meters long and 10 meters wide, but it has not reached the international standard racetrack and can only be used as a small-sized training field. And there are 80 stables with a total of 1,584 square meters, which can breed 80 horses at same time.

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