Qinpai Fish King Ecological Agritainment


Shanglin County is just like a back garden of Nanning and it is now becoming a characteristic one among its kind in Guangxi. With development of the county, there emerged many distinctive agritainment, among which Qinpai Qingshuihe Fish King Ecological Agritainment is an outstanding one. It is recognized by numerous visitors and local government.

Qinpai Qingshuihe Fish King Ecological Agritainment locates at midstream of Qingshui River which runs along the Longshan Mountain Nature Reserve of Shanglin County. It contains Qingshui River Fishing Club, Qingshui River Tourism Service Center, and Ecological Breeding Area, etc.

Address: Qinpai Community, Baixu Town, Shanglin County (near the Qinpai Police Station)

Hotline: 0771-5153348 15278196041

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