Guangxi Fishery Ecological Park


Guangxi Fishery Ecological Park, located in 24 Yongwu Road, Xingning District (inside the Guangxi Animal Husbandry Institute), is a rare ardeidae habitat around Nanning city, with over 900 mu (600 thousand square meters). It is mainly for the planting of green vegetables and fruits as well as the ecological breeding of pond turtles and wattle-necked softshell turtles.

There are 10 small homestays with the characteristics of Southeast Asia in the park, possessing open kitchen, chess and card room and so on, which can receive more than 1,000 diners, over 100 guests for accommodation, and 100-300 people for meeting in conference centre. The total water area of the park is up to 10,000 square meters, including 6 state-level standard ponds for fishing for 30 mu (20 thousand square meters), which are ideal fishing sites for fishing enthusiasts.

There is also a small equestrian field, where visitors can experience the joy of riding. And all of the horses here belong to the special breed of Guangxi — Baode pony.


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