Confirmation and Recordation of investment projects





Application materials

Processing time

Fee standard (Yuan)

1.Construction project environmental impact assessment document approval(including radioactive isotope and ray apparatus, development of associated radioactive minerals and construction projects associated with electromagnetic radiation)

1.1Environmental impact registration form

1. three copies of construction project environmental impact registration form (full version);

2. three copies of construction project location map (mark the project location on it);

3.three copies of general layout plan of construction project (three copies of boundary line map are required if civil engineering involved);

10 weekdays

Free of charge

Environmental impact report form

Submit three copies of construction project environmental impact report forms as required (draft for approval) (note: for environmental sensitive projects, three copies of expert opinions and three assessment reports issued by agency are needed.

10 weekdays

1.3Environmental impact report projects

1. submit three copies of construction project environmental impact report as required (draft for approval);

2. three copies of assessment of experts on the environmental impact of the construction project and the evaluation of the report;

3. three copies of assessment report issued by agency;

4. three copies of description material which declares whether the project owner adopts the opinions on the project given by relevant units, experts and public.


10 weekdays (excluding publicity time)

1.4 remark

1. According to the Nanning Provisional Measures for Registration of Enterprise Investment Projects, any projects which are categorized as registration projects must submit three copies ofregistration documents issued by the investment department; 2. Three copies of approval of project proposal (applying to projects need to be approved or examined); 3. For entertainment projects, three copies of audit opinion on the construction of entertainment issued bythe cultural department, as well as noise and vibration control scheme must be submitted; 4.Other documents, such as soil and water conservation plan, required in accordance to relevant laws and regulations.


2. if there were major changes in construction projects, the environmental impact assessment document need to be examined and reapproved (including the re-approval of environmental impact assessment documents over five years)

1. Three copies of detailed description of the changes in the project (including the project’s quality, scale, location, production engineering adopted, or measures for pollution prevention and ecological damage, as well as major changes occurred on the surrounding environment;

2. Other requirements are consistent with requirement of environmental impact assessment document examination and approval procedures for new, expansion and renovation projects when handling registration form, report form and report, etc.

10 weekdays

Free of charge


Materials required for recordation application of investment projects (with complete materials, the processing time limits is 5 weekdays)

a. processing request letter (in duplicate);

b. energy saving review approval comments or energy saving registration certificate (submit the energy saving assessment document or energy conservation registration form in the project registration authorities for handling);

c. corporate business license of project reporting unit or the legal representative certificate;

d. project registration application report (feasibility study or proposal format), basic situation of project reporting unit, total investment of the proposed project, main construction content, scale of construction, construction site and sources of funds, etc.;

e. for project of enterprise qualification management prescribed by the state, the enterprise qualification certificate must be submitted;

f. for joint development project, a joint construction proposal must be submitted;

g. other documents submitted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations (project investment agreement, blue line planning for new land project).

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