Registration of Housing Ownership Partition





Workflow: Application → Query and application accepting → Preliminary examination → On-site investigation (if necessary) → Review (reexmaination) → Approval → Certificate making → Fee Paying → Registration → Issuing certificate

Registration of Housing Ownership Partition


Materials required for Housing ownership Partition:

1. Exemption certificate of deed tax

2. Report on surveying and mapping

3. File query result of the house

4. Application form of housing ownership transfer

5. Both parties present to sign the partition agreement, or provide divorce agreement issued by the Civil Affairs Office, or court order in effect (with the proof of effect issued by the court), mediation (original copy for inspection and a photocopy to hand in)

6. Divorce certificate (Original copy for inspection and a photocopy to hand in; not required if it's court order)

7.  Valid identification of the applicant (original copy for inspection and hand in a photocopy)

8. Housing ownership Certificate (Original copy)


Registration fee: 80 yuan/once for residence, 550 yuan/once for non-residence; nominal fee for the certificate:10 yuan each;

Stamp tax: 5 yuan each;

Commission fee:5 yuan/square meter


Time limit:

30 work days

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