Guangxi takes measures to promote economic and cultural exchanges between Guangxi and Taiwan


Recently, the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held a press conference, and released the “Several Measures to Promote Economic and Cultural Exchanges between Guangxi and Taiwan”. In the document, 80 items are beneficial for Taiwan compatriots, covering six aspects including promoting economic cooperation, facilitating inhabitable life, etc.

Among the 80 items, 23 ones are related to the investment in Guangxi by Taiwan compatriots. It is learnt that Taiwan-funded enterprises enjoy the same preferential policies and support measures as Guangxi’s enterprises in the fields of investment and economic cooperation, including investment, scientific and technological innovation, tax revenue, etc. In addition, there are 14 items to promote Taiwan compatriots to enjoy the same treatment as Guangxi’s residents in learning, entrepreneurship and employment, including occupational qualification and talent introduction.

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