Nanning introduces policies to encourage migrant workers to start businesses


Recently, it was learned from the Nanning Municipal Human Resources and  Social Security Bureau that the “Notice on Providing Subsidies for  Entrepreneurship and Employment of Migrant Workers by Nanning Municipal Human  Resources and Social Security Bureau and Nanning Municipal Finance Bureau”  (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”) was issued to encourage migrant  workers to start their own businesses and promote employment.

The “Notice” clarifies that all kinds of market entities newly established by  migrant workers (including enterprises, individual industrial and commercial  households, etc., hereinafter referred to as market entities) will be given a  one-time entrepreneurship reward. The market entity set up by the peasant worker  with household registration in Guangxi may apply for a one-off business subsidy,  if it operates normally in a fixed business place for more than six months  within one year, and is still operating when applying for the subsidy. Each  market entity can be subsidized 3,000 yuan. For those migrant workers who  migrated from poverty-stricken areas, and who participated in the skills  competitions of peasant workers in Guangxi and obtained the certificate of  national vocational qualification or the skill certificate on the skills  competitions of peasant workers in Guangxi, each of them will be given an  additional reward of 2,000 yuan.

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