Notice of printing and distributing plan of establishing fair competition censorship in market system from General Office of Nanning People’s Government


Plan of Establishing Fair Competition Censorship in Market System (Excerpts)

2. Standards of free mobility of commodities and factors

(1) Discriminatory prices and subsidy on the non-local and exported commodities and service are banned.

(2) It is banned to impose restrictions on non-local and exported commodities and service’s entry into local market, or hinder the export of local commodities and service.

(3) Rejecting or imposing restrictions on non-local operators’ attending local biding activities is banned.

(4) Rejecting, imposing restrictions on or forcing non-local operators’ local investment or the setting up of branches is banned.

(5) Discriminatory treatment to the non-local operators’ local investment or branches set up by them, and violating their rights and interests are banned.

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