Popularize Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform to more key enterprises


On August 14th, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) issued the Three-Year Action Plan of Building Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform for Manufacturing Industry (Action Plan for short).

According to the Action Plan, a series of demonstration pilot projects should be built in four fields by the end of 2020, namely production factors aggregation, capabilities sharing, model innovation, and regional cooperation for the mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform in manufacturing industry, and the popularization rate of the Internet Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform in key enterprises should increase from 60% to 85%.

In terms of the detailed index, the Action Plan sets forth development goals from the aspects of new system, new model, new driving force, and new environment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. More specifically, the new system should take shape, the new model should be widely popularized, the new driving force should be grown rapidly, and the new environment should be improved in manufacturing industry.

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