One-time Notification Materials (Part IV) for the Approval of Government Investment Projects


Materials Required:

C. Approval Stage of Preliminary Design (Including Budgetary Estimate)

1. Request document (official document) on the application of approval for feasibility study report

The contents include: project name, project owner, feasibility of project implementation, construction site, occupied area (list the area if land acquisition is needed), construction scale, construction content, total investment and sources of fund.

2. Preliminary design text and budgetary estimate compiled by design unit with corresponding qualification

3. Evaluation opinions issued by third-party engineering consulting unit with corresponding qualification

4. Prerequisites

(1) Red line figure issued by administrative department in charge of urban planning;

(2) Approval document of flood control evaluation issued by administrative department in charge of water conservancy (applicable to construction project within the scope of river management).

5. Annexes to preliminary design

(1) Projects without approval could be delayed to submit materials from the approval stage to the preliminary design stage;

(2) Documentary evidences of legal representative and business license of project owner, copy of ID card of legal representative, copy of ID card and power of attorney of responsible person.

6. Other documents in accordance with laws and regulations

7. Remarks

Materials required for preliminary design re-approval and budgetary estimate adjustment:

(1) Request document (official document) on the application of project re-approval (including adjustment of budgetary estimate)

(2) Documents on original preliminary design and preliminary design approval;

(3) Reasons and basis of preliminary design re-approval and budgetary estimate adjustment;

(4) Recompiled preliminary design document and book of budgetary estimate adjustment, comparison table of budgetary estimate adjustment and budgetary estimate original approval, and the quantitative classification of the description of the reasons, basis and calculation method of budgetary estimate adjustment;

(5) Other materials for preliminary design re-approval and budgetary estimate adjustment.

As for the above materials, please submit original in duplicate (for future reference) and copy of annexes with official seal in duplicate. Except as otherwise specified, the documents should be submitted in the required quantity.

Charge basis and standard: free of charge

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