Nanning launches subsidized declaration to support port logistics


According to Nanning Municipal Development and Reform Commission lately, the  “Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Office's Notice on Declaration and Supervision  of Port Logistics Subsidies of Special Funds for Development of Major Industries  in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Forwarded by Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic  Zone and Cooperation with ASEAN Office” was issued. It marked that Nanning  launched declaration of port logistics subsidies of special funds for  development of major industries in 2018, which further sped up the development  of the logistics industry.

The category of the subsidies mainly included foreign trade container marine  lines, container sea-railway combined transportation and so on. As for marine  lines eligible for subsidy for foreign trade container direct lines, an annual  subsidy of 800 thousand to 1,200 thousand yuan would be granted accordingly;  while as for shipping enterprises eligible for subsidy for newly-blazed foreign  trade liner ship lines, an annual amount of subsidy would be granted accordingly  in 3 successive years, of which, the subsidy in the first year could be 4  million yuan at most.

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