Garden Expo Park has 18 exhibition gardens basically built



Recently, according to the official launching ceremony of the 60-day  countdown to the opening ceremony of the 12th China (Nanning) International  Garden Expo and the commissioning and operation of equipment and facilities for  the Garden Expo, the process of the three major engineering buildings (the first  and second bids), municipal management and landscape project (the first, second  and third bids) has completed about 99%, 98% and 95% respectively. Right now,  the special projects such as Guangxi Garden, Southeast Asian Characteristic  Botanical Garden and the first phase of the Dingsishan Beiqiu Historic Site Park  are under construction. 18 of 80 exhibition gardens have been basically  completed, and the rest are under construction. The exhibiting work of the main  exhibition halls is progressing in an orderly manner, and the exhibiting plan  has been basically completed and refined. The infrastructure projects such as  water, electricity, ground and walls, as well as the scenes and multimedia  projects have been put into construction; meanwhile, the off-site exhibit  collection, the material procurement and customization and the multimedia  production have been carried out simultaneously; the construction of supporting  projects has been accelerated, and 12 of 26 supporting projects such as bridges,  roads and BRT bus lines around the park have been completed; the renovation of  the exterior façade of the idyllic area is in full swing, and the construction  of public facilities such as sewage treatment stations and public service  centers is carried out simultaneously. At present, the preparation of the Garden  Expo is well organized, and the work contents and nodes are controllable,  advancing steadily towards established goals.


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