Progress of major projects sound in Nanning in first half of 2018


Recently, it was learned from the Nanning Development and Reform Commission that in the first half of this year, departments at all levels in Nanning have strictly followed the principle of “Four-Fixed”, namely, fixed personnel, fixed responsibilities, fixed time and fixed progress, insisted on the overall mode of steady progress, and made progress according to the schedule. With strengthened coordination, scientific schedule, and meticulous organization, the major projects have made sound progress on the whole, completing more than half of the tasks at the end of June.

In the second half of the year, Nanning will further implement the policy documents like “Measures on the ‘Five Optimization’ of Major Project Construction” and “Parallel Examination and Approval Measures for Investment Projects of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Trial)”, further improve the pressure transmission mechanism, continue to implement the system of “Red and Black List” for major project tasks, fully promote the construction of major projects, and ensure the completion of the annual target tasks.

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