China Development Bank grants 6.45 billion yuan to accelerate construction of Guiyang-Nanning High-speed Railway


Recently, the Guiyang-Nanning Railway project received 6.45 billion yuan in credit from the China Development Bank Guangxi Branch. CDB and the Guangxi Railway Investment Group signed a loan contract of 1.35 billion yuan for the Hechi section of the project, and granted the first loan of 200 million yuan.

As the main bank for financing in Guangxi's railway sector, China Development Bank Guangxi Branch has provided strong financial support for Guangxi's railway construction for a long time. As of the end of May 2018, China Development Bank Guangxi Branch has provided 28.18 billion yuan in grants for Guiyang-Nanning High-speed Railway project, issued loans held on balance sheet of 200 million yuan, and issued medium-term notes of Guiyang-Nanning High-speed Railway for poverty alleviation by 300 million yuan, which has provided strong financial protection for accelerating the fulfillment of the goal of “City-to-city High-speed Railway” in Guangxi.

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