“Intelligent Housekeeper” helps government increase assets and control risks


Since Nanning pioneered its Cloud-based Intelligent Information Platform for Public Assets and Liabilities Management, the city has treated it as an innovative and pragmatic movement to implement the central government’s decisions of preventing and resolving major risks, so as to continue to improve the function and management level of the platform, and promote the efficient operation and iterative upgrading of the platform.

At present, the platform plays an active role in various aspects of state-owned asset management. It has saved a total of 127 million yuan of financing cost through public bidding on financing service platform, and pushed the transaction of government assets to achieve a premium of more than 15%, which effectively promotes the cost reduction and efficiency of state-owned assets. What is more, the platform has made dynamic prevention and control on financial fund utilization and state-owned capital supervision, effectively establishing the anti-corrupt system mechanism and a more open and transparent market competition environment, and becoming a good helper for the city to appreciate government’s public assets and effectively prevent and control debt risks.

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