Let financing of emerging industrial enterprises be difficult no more


Recently, it was learned from the Department of Finance of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that the Department of Finance allocated 100 million yuan for financing guarantee funds for Guangxi's industrial emerging industries in 2018 to support financial institutions in providing financing guarantee services for industrial emerging industries. It is conducive to further developing the guiding role of financial funds, encouraging financial institutions to strengthen financing guarantee services, and effectively solving the problems of financing difficulties and high cost of financing for Guangxi's emerging industrial enterprises.

According to the “Plan for the Establishment of Guarantee Funds for Financing Emerging Industries in Guangxi”, the initial plan is to have a total scale of 1 billion yuan (including 100 million yuan contributed by partner financial institutions). Up till now, the Department of Finance has allocated a total of 200 million yuan in guarantee funds. Next, it will work with relevant business administrations and organizations to further strengthen the supervision and management of the use of funds and performance evaluation, gradually increase the injection of financial funds according to work needs and support the expansion and strengthening of guarantee funds.

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