Wanglaoji herbal tea project and other nine projects start (completed)


On September 7, 10 projects in Guangxi ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone were launched (completed), with a total investment of RMB 826 million. These projects involved in industries and fields like food processing, bio-medicine, new materials and standard factory buildings. Among them, two were newly started projects, with a total investment of RMB 335 million; and eight were completed ones with a total investment of RMB 491 million.

The two newly started projects were the Wanglaoji herbal tea project of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings of Guangxi Zhuangfang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the off-site transformation project of traditional Chinese medicine extraction and production of Guangxi Dangui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The Wanglaoji herbal tea project, covering an area of about 60 mu and with an investment of RMB 250 million, is expected to reach target output within one year, with an annual production capacity of about 200,000 tons and an output value of about RMB 1 billion, which means it will pay an annual tax of about RMB 23 million.

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