Xingning District Jinqiao High-end Brand Motor City


Name: Xingning District Jinqiao High-end Brand Motor City

Content and Scale: the project will cover a total floor area of 280 mu, with plot ratio of 1.2-1.6. The land usage of the project is comprehensive with 14 automobile brands to be settled in (about 14 mu land for each brand).

Venue: in Jinqiao Logistics Park, north side of Kunlun Avenue, Xingning District, surrounded by Jinlun Road, Nakuang Road, Beilun Road and Tiande Road.

Project Investment: 30 million yuan

Cooperator: the People’s Government of Xingning District

Contact: Zeng Liping, Xingning District Investment Attraction Agency, 0771-290911

Fang Hongbo, Xingning District Land Reservation Branch Center, 0771-3301023

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