Nanning Finance Bureau carries out research in Yiling Xigu Recreational Agriculture Demonstration Zone in Shuangqiao Town of Wuming District


In recent days, Nanning Finance Bureau has carried out research in Yiling Xigu Recreational Agriculture Demonstration Zone, Shuangqiao Town, Wuming District so as to further master the development of the Zone and to strengthen the guidance for the Zone.

The research group analyzed the effect of capital investment construction through careful investigation, and gave full credit to the Zone, and stated that the Bureau would further research the problem of capital shortage, proposing higher requirements for the Zone in the meantime: first, to perfect the construction of ecological country; second, to ensure the safe use of capital, integrate the funds, and optimize the allocation of resources; third, to strengthen the publicity, through investment invitation, exert the geological advantage of Shuangqiao Town to develop local ecological tourism, and use tourism to drive the economic development and benefit the villagers.

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