Hundred-taste Tanli hosts Zhuang minority folk custom activity


On January 13th of Chinese lunar calendar, Hundred-taste Tanli Ecological Pastoral Demonstration Zone in Baiji Town held 2018 First Secretary Agricultural Products Trade Fair & “Hundred-taste Baili Zhuang Minority Activity to Greet Garden Expo”.

It is learned that Hundred-taste Tanli Ecological Demonstration District has beautiful sceneries and rich ecological resources as well as a strong atmosphere of Zhuang culture. In recent years, based on local conditions and drawing on its own advantages, Baiji Town establishes the construction goal of ecological town, namely “suitable for living and travelling, integration of agriculture and tourism”, positively exploring development of tourism industry. Hundred-taste Tanli Ecological Pastoral Demonstration District is appraised as 3-star rural tourism demonstration zone.

Li Changhui, secretary of the CPC committee in Baiji Town, represents that this activity is held for the purpose of digging rich natural tourism resources, tourist goods and poverty-alleviation product resources of Baiji, converting the ecological resources to tourism resources, making tourism resources into a booster for poverty alleviation. In the meantime, this activity can provide an exhibition platform for local products, pushing forward the development of ecological and recreational tourism industry and poverty alleviation in Baiji Town.

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