One-time Notification Materials (Part II) for Examination and Approval of Government Investment Projects


Submission materials:

(A) Examination and approval phase of project proposal

1. Request Document on the project approval (official document)

Content includes: project name, project owner, necessity of project construction, construction site, land area (the area of land acquisition should be listed), construction scale, construction content, total investment and source of fund.

2. Project proposal

3. Appendixes to the project proposal:

(1) Supporting materials for project construction land (applicable to project constructed on existing lands);

(2) Overall planning map for the construction land (applicable to the social projects for reconstruction and expansion);

(3) The number of authorized personnel of the application unit, supporting document for business volume (applicable to projects constructed in accordance with the construction standards issued by national departments in charge of relevant industry, and subject to the approval document of authorities with rights of approval, including the Office of Public Sectors Reform);

(4) Opinions of the administrative departments of project industry (applicable to projects on political and legal infrastructures, public affairs, transportation, municipal administration and other franchises);

(5) Approved water resources demonstration report (applicable to newly-established small (Ⅱ) reservoir project);

(6) Energy-saving assessment materials (according to the requirements of the Document No. 949 issued by the Department of Resource Conservation and Environment Protection of the Development and Reform Commission of Guangxi in 2011 to submit materials on energy-saving assessment, and applicable to projects without requirements for feasibility study and preliminary design approval procedures);

(7) Basic situation table of bidding (applicable to projects without requirements for feasibility study and preliminary design approval procedures);

(8) Corporation certification and business license of project owner, copy of ID card of the legal representative, copy of ID card of the agent and the power of attorney;

(9) Supporting materials required to be provided under the laws and regulations or due to special circumstances.

As for the above materials, please submit the original request document in duplicate and the copy of the appurtenant materials stamped with official seal in duplicate (original copy for reference). Except as otherwise specified, the documents should be submitted in the required quantity.

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