Liujing Yujiang Bridge


Liujing Yujiang Bridge is one of the dominant projects of Liuzhou-Nanning reconstruction and expansion projects. The total length of the whole bridge is 1,127 meters, and the bridge surface is 35 meters wide. It is one-way four-lane. The construction of the bridge was officially started in April 2016 with a total investment of approximately 197 million RMB. After its completion, the new Liujing Yujiang Bridge and the old Liujing Bridge will coordinate with each other. The new bridge will carry traffic from Nanning to Liuzhou, and the old bridge will carry traffic from Liuzhou to Nanning, forming a two-way eight-lane traffic condition that will effectively improve the problem in Liujing section of Liuzhou-Nanning high-speed highway where traffic congestion occurs at every festival.

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