Phase I of Metro Line 5 comes into construction


On September 7, the phase I project of Nanning Metro Line 5 from Nahong in the south to Jinqiao Passenger Station in the north came into construction, and it is expected to be completed in 2021.

Nanning Metro Line 5 will set up 17 stations, namely, Nahong, Nahong Interchange, Jinkai Road, Baisha Zhuangjin Interchange, Tinghong West Road, Hantang, Xinyang Road, Guangxi University, Xiuling Road, Mingxiu Road, Beihu South Road, Huqiu Village, Shishan Park, Xiaoji Village, Yongbin Interchange, Medicinal Botanical Garden, and Jinqiao Passenger Station.

It is predicted that, in the preliminary stage after completion, the phase I of Metro Line 5 can achieve a volume of 275,200 passengers per day, and in the long term, the whole line will bear 675,900 passengers a day, which will greatly improve the proportion of public transport in residents’ travel mode, thus to optimize the city’s traffic structure, and promote the public transport service and the optimization of Nanning City’s integrated transportation together with other metro lines.

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