Nanning’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 2 comes into construction


On September 7, the groundbreaking ceremony of Nanning Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 2 project was held.

BRT Line 2 project is not only the supporting transport project of the 12th China (Nanning) International Garden Expo, but also the benchmark project to enhance the public transport service and improve people's livelihood of Nanning City and even Guangxi. The project is from Yinhai Avenue in the west, following Yudong Road, to the East Gate of the Garden Expo Park in the east. The total length of the east-west line is about 17.4 km. The project is to carry out reconstruction and extension on the basis of the original municipal road, with 18 stations, 16 pedestrian overpasses and 1 pedestrian path.

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