Three Projects in National Nanning Economic & Technological Development Area Commences or Completes Respectively


On June 28, construction of the second phase of EVOC project, Nanning Traditional Chinese Medicine Production Base and creative industrial park have commenced or completed respectively. They are expected to reinvigorate diversified development of the area.

The second phase of EVOC project, which commenced on that very day, is a masterpiece of EVOC Intelligent Technology. The project gained total investment of 680 million RMB and will be completed by 2018. Once completed, the second phase of the project will level up overall development of the area and add to its innovation ability, which will boost its ability to attract foreign investment.

Another newly-started project, Production Base for Traditional Chinese Medicine, has total investment of 200 million RMB and will be implemented in two phases.

The project completed is the creative industrial park consisting of standard workshops. This key project of standard workshop construction is developed by Nanning Lvgang Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. It meets specifications for industrial park of the 2.5 Generation and will serve as workplaces for animation industry, 3D Industries, R&D, etc.

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