China (Nanning)-Brunei Agricultural Industrial Park


Name: China (Nanning)-Brunei Agricultural Industrial Park

Content and Scale: the project, covering a total planned area of 100 square kilometers, will construct the first transnational agricultural industrial park with modern agriculture as core and Muslim products as characteristics. The project plans to construct “One Park and Three Zones”. The one park is China (Nanning)-Brunei Agricultural Industrial Park, while the three zones are Shuangding Town, Jinling Town and Tanluo Town. The Shuangding Town will be developed first to drive the development of agricultural industrialization of Jinling Town and Tanluo Town.

Venue: Shuangding Town, Xixiangtang District

Project Investment: 34 billion yuan

Cooperator: Xixiangtang District Investment Promotion Bureau

Contact: Wang Qingkai, Xixiangtang District Investment Promotion Bureau, 0771-3801380,

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