Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.


Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in July 1996. It was  restructured by March 1999. In May 27, 1999, it went public at Shenzhen Stock  Exchange and was enlisted among the "Top 300 Exchange Traded Funds in the Stock  Markets of Shanghai and Shenzhen". With a general capital of 286.64 million of  shares, the state-owned accounting for 47.71%, it is now China's largest  stated-owned public company in the sugar industry and one of China's top 10  sugar enterprises in light industry. Specialized in the production and sales of  machine-made sugar and machine-made paper, it boasts the capacity to process 32  thousand tons of sugarcane daily and produce 700 thousand tons of machine-made  sugar and 20 thousand tons of machine-made paper. As a large enterprise mainly  engaged in sugar production while developing diversified businesses, it has  seven directly-controlled factories and nine holding subsidiaries and has over  4,400 employees.

Adhering to the mission of "Creating Premium Sugar and Sharing Sweet Life"  and the core value of "A Respectable Enterprise, A Trustworthy Partner", the  company has established its strategic development goal of "Optimize Inventory,  Increase Quantity and Build an Enterprise Worth a Ten Billion", striving to make  the company a leader in sugar production and with prominent advantages and a  diversified businesses.

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