Huang Shi Dairy


Guangxi Huang Shi Dairy Co., Ltd was previously referred to as Guangxi Huang Shi Bio-Technology Engineering and Milk Co., Ltd. Founded in May, 2001, produces all kinds of dairy products, especially the high-end dairy products. It is a high-tech private enterprise, integrated by grass planting, cow breeding, scientific research and development and market service.

Guangxi Huang Shi Dairy Co., Ltd. adopts the operation mode of self owned and “company + bases + farmers”. At present, such areas as Shangsi, Laibin, Yongning and Wuming have established 11 standardized dairy cattle breeding bases which have complete health and epidemic prevention system and use international advanced milking equipment and dairy breeding technology. Among them, Shangsi Base was evaluated as one of the “Top 50 Demonstration Breeding Bases” in 2004.

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