First mobile phone in Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone successfully produced and to be exported to ASEAN countries


Recently, it was learnt from Nanning New and High-tech Industrial Development  Zone that the first mobile phone manufactured by Guangxi Blue Mercury Technology  Co., Ltd., a park enterprise located in Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone, was  successfully produced. The first batch of 10,000 mobile phones will be exported  to Malaysia, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries on October 23. This is a great  progress for the high-tech zone after its creating a business environment and  attaching great importance to the introduction of major projects and enterprise  services.

In order to effectively support major projects, Nanning New and High-tech  Industrial Development Zone also formulated a program of "100 cadres for 100  enterprises" at the beginning of this year, insisting on regular weekly visits  to enterprises, providing advisory services of relevant policies for  enterprises, answering questions and solving problems for enterprises, assisting  enterprises to handle various formalities, and adopting various ways to actively  solve problems on project production and operation, so as to accelerate the  launching, construction and commissioning of projects.

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