Jiangnan District invites experts to support “Great Yangmei” tourism circle


In recent years, Jiangnan District, Nanning has implemented tight tourism strategies for the “Great Yangmei” tourism circle. Each year, it has arranged special funds for tourism infrastructure, investment and tourism promotion, project construction incentives, etc., forming a concerted effort to realize certain results on tourism function, discovery and protection of tourism resource.

To promote the better and faster development of tourism in the whole Jiangnan District, on May 7th, Jiangnan District invited Dr. Qi Xiaobo, Assistant Director of the Center for Tourism Research, Planning and Design of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to Yangmei Ancient Town, Genzhupo of Jinjiang Village, and Sanjiangkou of Song Village and other scenic spots in Jiangnan District for investigation, to form a research report on "All-for-one Tourism Thinking of Jiangnan District" and hold special lectures for leading officials at the section level and above. Qi Xiaobo explained in detail the content of the “All-for-one Tourism Background, the Interpretation of the Concept of the All-for-one Tourism, the Construction of the All-for-one Tourism Route, the All-for-one Tourism and other hot issues” and the “Thinking of Tourism Development in ​​Jiangnan District”; and put forward specific and guiding advice and suggestions on how to transform the development model of tourism in Jiangnan District, from the "Sightseeing Tour" to the "All-for-one Tourism", as well as promotion of the transformation, upgrading of tourism, and the improvement of the quality and efficiency.

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