News of Nanning’s major economic data in 2017 - Investment


In 2017, the fixed-asset investment of Nanning totaled 430,795 billion yuan, increasing by 12.6%. The investment on the projects under construction with a value of over 50 million yuan totaled 128,197 billion yuan, increasing by 19.6%. The annual investment on infrastructure of Nanning totaled 102,239 billion yuan, increasing by 15.9%. The investment on real estate development totaled 95,809 billion yuan, increasing by 12.2%, with a drop of 17.8% in the speed increasing ratio compared with that of 2016. The investment on the tertiary industry continued to lead the investment direction of the whole industry.

In terms of different industries, the investment on the primary industry totaled 14,907 billion yuan, increasing by 3.2%; the investment on the secondary industry totaled 112,215 billion yuan, increasing by 8.9%; the investment on the tertiary industry totaled 303,673 billion yuan, increasing by 14.7%. The investment on the hi-tech manufacturing field has increased rapidly. In 2017, the total investment on the hi-tech manufacture industry reached 19,633 billion yuan, increasing by 10.0%, with the growth rate of 5.2% compared with the last year. The proportion of private investment is stably increasing.

The total private investment reached 280,179 billion yuan, increasing by 13.9%, accounting for 65% of the fixed-asset investment, which increased by 0.7% compared with that of 2016.

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