R&D and Production Project of New Materials of Wande Construction Company starts


On October 30, the R&D and Production Project of New Materials of Wande Construction started. Once the project is completed and put into production, its annual output value is estimated to reach RMB1.6 billion, and more than 2,000 positions will be provided.

The project is located in the west of Ningwu Road and south of Anwu Road in High-tech Zone, with a total investment of RMB350 million, of which RMB200 million is fixed assets investment. Covering an area of 70 mu and with a total construction area of about 62,617.08 square meters, the project is planned to be built with five plant buildings and one office building. And it will mainly use assembly-type building components to build the manufacturing plant, aluminum template production plant, research and development building as well as the supporting living space.

The start-up of the project is an important reform and innovation initiative of Guangxi Wande Construction Co., Ltd, which will produce new materials that are more excellent, environmental friendly and safer to meet different levels of consumption needs.

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