Construction and investment attraction of Nanning Agricultural Product Trade Center promoted


It is known from the construction site of Nanning Agricultural Product Trade Center that the construction of the project is in full swing, with the internal framework of Guangxi Agricultural Exhibition Center being improved; the fire safety standardization construction of greenhouse trading area being under way, and the wires and water pipes being laid, monitored and installed. The Phase I project of Nanning Agricultural Product Trading Center will be put into use at the end of this year.

In addition, the project has officially started contract signing work of investment attraction, and more than 3,000 households have applied. Apart from the agricultural product wholesale market, nearly 1,000 leading agricultural enterprises, agricultural products distribution companies, production bases and large-scale growers have applied to settle in the center.

Nanning Agricultural Product Trading Center is aimed at building a high-end "Agricultural Product Wholesale Market of East Railway Station". The overall planning area of the center is 3,000 mu, with 779 mu land area of Phase I. The project is constructed in accordance with the requirements for "modern circulation key projects of Guangxi agricultural products, and key projects of Nanning Municipal Government to benefit farmers and citizens". Its designed transaction volume is expected to reach 3 million tons.

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