Decision on Temporary Adjustment of Related Regulations in Pilot Free Trade Zone of the State Council (Extract)



Related administrative regulations, documents of the State Council, rules and regulations of the departments approved by the State Council



Provisions on Foreign Investment in Civil Aviation

Clause 1 of Article 4: The forms of foreign investment shall include:

(1) Equity joint venture or contractual joint venture (hereinafter referred to as “joint venture”);

(2) Purchasing shares of civil aviation enterprises, including the shares issued overseas and the foreign shares issued inside China by the aviation enterprises;

(3) Other approved investment forms.

Clause 4 of Article 6: Where foreign investors invest in the aircraft maintenance (be liable to undertake the international maintenance market business) and aviation fuel projects, the Chinese party shall take the holding position; where they invest in freight warehousing, ground services, aviation food, parking lots and other projects, the proportion of foreign investment shall be determined by both the Chinese and foreign parties through negotiation.

Relevant regulations are temporarily suspended. Foreign investors are allowed to invest in the establishment of air transport sales agencies and air cargo warehousing, ground services, aviation food and parking lot projects in sole proprietorship; the restriction that the Chinese party shall take the holding position where the foreign investors invest in the maintenance of general-purpose airplane is relaxed; the liability to undertake the international maintenance market business of the foreign investors investing in airplane maintenance is canceled. Relevant management measures shall be made by the civil aviation authorities of the State Council.

Note: Article 1 to Article 9 have been adjusted temporarily in the pilot free trade zones of Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian. This adjustment is only applicable to other pilot free trade zones. Article 10 to Article 16 are applicable to all pilot free trade zones.

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