Interim Measures (Part VI) for the Recordation Administration of the Formation and Modification of Foreign-Funded Enterprises


Article 12 After the completion of recordation, the foreign-funded enterprise or its investors may receive the Recordation Return Receipt of Formation of the Foreign-funded Enterprise or the Recordation Receipt of Modification of the Foreign-funded Enterprise (each hereinafter referred to as the “Recordation Receipt”) from the authority of registration by producing the prior approval materials (copies) or the business license (copy) of the foreign-funded enterprise.

Article 13 The Recordation Return Receipt issued by the authority of registration shall contain the following contents:

(1) The foreign-funded enterprise or its investors has submitted the materials for recordation of formation or modification which conform to the pro forma requirements;

(2) The items regarding the formation or modification recorded;

(3) The items regarding the formation or modification fall within the scope of recordation;

(4) Within or not within the scope of imported equipment entitled to the tax relief as stipulated by the State.

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