Guide (Part IV) to the Establishment of Foreign-Invested Commercial (Distribution) Enterprises


3. Established foreign-invested business enterprise applying for store opening

Application materials:

(1) Application for store opening;

(2) With revision of contract and articles of association involved, revised contract and articles of association should be submitted;

(3) Feasibility study report on the store opening;

(4) Resolution of board of directors on store opening;

(5) Audit report of enterprise for the recent one year;

(6) Capital verification report of enterprise (photocopy);

(7) Business registration certificate and legal representative certificate of all investors (both photocopies);

(8) (Photocopy of) the supporting documents for the right to use and (or) (photocopy of) the premises lease agreement for the land to be used for opening the proposed store, but not required for a store with business area of less than 3,000 square meters;

(9) Supporting documents explaining that store opening is in line with urban development and urban business development requirements provided by government business authorities.

If the above-mentioned documents are signed by non-legal representatives, delegate authorization letter written by legal representatives should be provided.

(10) Other documents required to be supplemented by approval authorities in accordance with the law.

(Remarks: Non-Chinese-language materials need to be translated and translated documents need to be stamped with translation company seal, signed by translator(s), and attached with contact information. Photocopy of business license of the translation company needs to be provided.)

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