Service Process of Nanning Overseas Investment Zone Branch of Environmental Protection Bureau


Consultation Stage

Environmental protection sector should guide the construction unit to fill out classification consultation form in duplicate; define the classification of environmental protection evaluation as well as the limits for examination and approval authority; issue preliminary examination opinion, construction site advice, bank loan opinion and establishment opinion, etc., as needed.


Provide project approval or filing documents issued by development and reform department


Environmental impact assessment stage

Environmental protection sector should process all the EIA procedure, provide relevant registration forms, and service guide for construction project environmental impact assessment approval. Business owner should entrust qualified environmental impact assessment agency to work out environmental impact report form/report according to environmental impact assessment document category defined by environmental protection bureau.


Environmental impact assessment approval stage

After accepting the application, the Environmental protection sector should conduct on-site investigation, carry out examination, give an official written reply, dispatch documents, inform the construction unit after making resolution of approval or disapproval (give reasons for disapproval).  


Supervision stage during the construction period

Environmental protection sector should carry out supervision to project construction. Projects which produce environmental noise pollution shall apply for construction noise emission declaration and registration and pay fees for excessive emission of such pollution. For continued construction at noon or at night due to special needs, there must be a construction certificate issued beforehand.


Trial production stage

After the project is completed, construction unit should submit trial production application to environmental protection sector. It can put into operation after the environmental protection department has carried out on-site investigation and approved. During the trial production period, if there were pollution discharge, the construction unit should conduct sewage declaration registration to environmental protection sector for temporary permit for discharge of pollutants and pay sewage charges during the trial operation period.


Completion of environmental acceptance stage

After the project is completed or put into trial production, the construction unit should within 3 months apply for the completion of the environmental protection inspection procedures and submit the relevant materials for resolution of approval or disapproval issued by the environmental protection department in accordance with the comments of the acceptance group. With the approval, it can put into operation.

After the acceptance, if there were pollution discharge, construction unit should conduct sewage declaration registration to environmental protection department for permit for discharge of pollutants and pay sewage charge.


Supervision stage after the completion of environmental acceptance

The environmental protection sector should, in accordance with relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations, conduct supervision to environmental management of the construction unit as well as the project’s discharge of waste water, waste gas, noise, solid waste, and hazardous waste, etc.

Meanwhile, the environmental protection department should exercise the following powers and functions, such as administrative licensing, administrative supervision and management, administrative penalty, administrative arbitrariness, administrative confirmation, administrative collection, administrative supply and administrative conciliation, etc.


1. If the EIA report and the report document were authorized by the EIA agency, the EIA agency should charge in accordance with the relevant provisions and standard;

2. If the evaluation and assessment is made by agency, the assessment agency should charge in accordance with the relevant provisions and standard;

3. The resolution of approval or disapproval should be issued by the environmental protection department;

4. The processing time refers to weekdays.

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