China Development Bank finances 43.5 billion for promoting investment and steadying economic growth in Guangxi in first half of 2017


Since the beginning of this year, China Development Bank Guangxi Branch has taken advantage of development finance and continuously expanded credit supply. From January to June, the total social financing it achieved was 43.5 billion, including 35.1 billion on-balance sheet loans, which strongly supported the important projects in Guangxi and played a positive role in promoting investment and steadying economic growth.

Next, China Development Bank Guangxi Branch will closely surround the deployments of the party committee and the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, continually increase the financial support to poverty alleviation, the Belt and Road initiative, industry transformation and upgrading, urban infrastructure, eco-environment protection and so on, carry out the spirit of Guangxi County Economy Development Conference and Mid-year Working Conference, and continue to provide good services for all social and economic development work in Guangxi.

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