Camellia nitissima industry contributes to targeted poverty alleviation


Since the commence of targeted poverty alleviation, authorities in Changtang Town of Qingxiu District has regarded poverty alleviation as a key task. In 2014, Yuangzhiyuan Eco Agriculture Investment Co., Ltd. has been introduced for construction of camellia nitissima underwood planting base.

Currently, 500 households have been benefited from the camellia nitissima planting industry, among which 123 are in poverty. Up till now, more than 18 million RMB has been generated in the form of land transfer fees, stock bonus, industrial workers wages, which has greatly improved local farmers’ income.

The town has been paying close attention to construction of “Camellia Town” in Balanpo. The garden of 400 mu has been covered by fifty thousand camellia trees. 30 mu of camellia trees of more than thirty varieties have also been planted as the gene bank. In addition, the project will include a cycle path of 6.5 km, theme park of 300 mu, research center and training center for camellia nitissima industry, etc.

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